image The Journey Begins…

2014-2015 has been a wonderful and exciting period of my life.  My son was born in 2014  (to add to my beautiful daughter) and I started a new job in a new authority.  The journey has been a whirlwind and as I reflect on what a great year it has been, I decided it may be time to chronicle the journey.  From past, present and into the future.

Last week really confirmed one thing: I truly love my job.  It is a job which can never become stagnant and does not allow for complacency.  The main point I have learned is that just like pupils, teachers are always learning and evolving.

I have been afforded the opportunity to work and meet with some truly inspirational educators over the past 12 months, learning so much along the way. So much so that, even though I am coming up to a well earned and needed summer break, I am also disappointed because I am really looking forward to all the exciting opportunities and experiences that lie ahead, as well as raring to go by experimenting with new projects and ideas with the amazing children and staff who I am privileged to work with.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of the Apple RTC in North Tyneside.  It was a magnificent experience which left me buzzing.  I sat in awe as I listened to Mark Anderson present and host the event, as he shared and demonstrated many of his ideas and experiences. I was then involved in my first ever TeachMeet, in which I shared my own experiences alongside brilliant and inspiring teachers.  As the excitement died down, I began to look back over the year.  We have come a long way this year, a long, long way.  So I thought I should start sharing my experiences, ideas and work. Here goes…

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