image Time to reflect. Life before tech…

I was just thinking back on an incredible 12 months.  Some of the experiences and things I have done, I would never have dreamed of 5 years ago.  Travelling to China as part of @NTLTEdtech team to present to teachers about the impact of tech in education, working with amazing people like @eLearning_laura and @ICTEvangilist, becoming involved in Digital Leaders in North Tyneside, being asked by the local Dyslexia Team to show the apps which they were impressed with on our Dylexia Friendly School Award visit, becoming ambassador for @Seesaw, @GoNoodle and @BookCreatorApp to name but a few. But then I thought, I haven’t always been like this.

There was a time about 6 years ago when I wasn’t interested in tech. I remember it well. I was P.E coordinator in a first school and looking to make my mark. I’d taken it as far as it could go (3x consecutive Northumberland Gold Cup Football Champions), and let’s be brutally honest, only P.E coordinators really envisage it as an important focus of school (cue backlash). I knew I needed something that would have more impact across the school in all areas.
I remember all the fuss about phones and the latest model, and it didn’t grab me at all. I was one of those people who didn’t want to follow the crowd. I had this little gem…

Until it froze the 50 millionth time and I reluctantly took to eBay to purchase a second hand iPhone 3G .

From then on my attitude changed. I’d become what I always feared: an Apple fan boy. Seeing how reliable and smooth to use it was compared to the other smartphones I’d had opened my eyes to the possibilities it could have on teaching and learning (however at that point it was the benefits for teachers I could see). I knew then that I had to change my subject leadership role (which took a good 2 years to get ICT in 2013). The rest just snowballed. And I have to say, it’s been the best decision I ever made.

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