My name is Paul Tullock. I am privileged to work with fantastic children and staff at Richardson Dees Primary School in North Tyneside and as an Apple Distinguished Educator in the class of 2017. I have been a Primary School teacher since 2009, with experience in both KS1 and KS2.  After leading PE for 4 years, I wanted a new challenge and so decided to pursue leading e-learning and Computing. I am a self certified tech geek and am always willing to experiment with new technology, apps and software, and creative ideas within the classroom.  Despite having no background in computing, I have been inspired to try many different ideas and projects by amazing educators such as Lee Parkinson (@ICT_MrP), Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangilist) and many more.  Without them I would not be pushing the boundaries and trying to inspire the next generation. I am always amazed by the engagement, motivation and, of course, the amazing results children achieve and produce. I love my job and the exciting way in which technology is changing the world. The ideas and experiences I share are gained from other educators, as well as my own ideas.

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